Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

Please wear clothing that is comfortable and weather appropriate for your skydive. We recommend something flexible/athletic, however jeans are perfectly fine. On cooler spring or fall days, we suggest bringing a sweatshirt or jacket and a pair of gloves. We will provide jumpsuits as needed. On warmer summer days, you are welcome to wear shorts and a t-shirt. Please do not wear a tank top on your skydive – it will not be comfortable under the harness and will not be acceptable for hygiene reasons.

Wear sneakers or some kind of snug fitting athletic shoe. No hiking boots, sandals or any type of shoe with open toes, hooks or heels.

What kind of ID do I need?

You will need your driver’s license or some other form of valid government issued photo ID. A state ID or passport will work great. Please note, you will not be able to skydive without a valid ID – school or work ID’s or social security cards are not sufficient.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay with cash, credit or debit cards. We accept Visa, Mastercard or Discover. We do not accept American Express or checks.

I wear glasses or contacts - is this a problem?

We have goggles that fit over most regular sized glasses. Please bring a retainer strap and if possible, wear your smallest profile glasses for the best fit. For contact wearers, please let your instructor know you have contacts so that they can assist you in making sure the goggles are very snug.

I have long hair - what should I do?

Please bring a hair band so you can fasten your hair into a low pony tail or braid. You also have the option to wear a helmet if you would prefer.

What if the weather forecast is bad?

Neither we, nor the weatherman, are 100% accurate at predicting the weather here in the NW. We do not cancel jumps based on the forecast – all weather decisions are made on the day of the jump. We do not jump in the rain or through the clouds, but lots of partly cloudy / partly sunny days are especially great for skydiving, but those days can require long waits, so patience is involved. If you have a question on weather, you can call shortly before you head out for your scheduled time and we’ll let you know the status of the day. All weather decisions are made on the day of the jump, throughout the day – rescheduling or refunds of deposits will be handled on that day.

What kind of weather could cancel jumping?

We do not jump in the rain or through the clouds. We do jump on many partly cloudy / partly sunny days. The clouds need to be high enough above us or broken enough around us (lots of one or two mile sized big blue holes) and then we can skydive.

When should I call to find out about a weather decision?

If it is sunny and nice, there is no reason to call on the day of your jump. If it is raining or if the skies are overcast or extremely cloudy, we recommend giving a call just before you need to leave your house to make your reserved check-in time. Weather is very changeable in the Northwest, so the closer you can call to your check-in time, the better we can estimate conditions. Office opening hours can be found on the Dropzones page of this site.

What time will I jump, so my friends can watch? −

If you are making a Tandem Freefall Skydive, we suggest you plan 3 – 4 hours for weekday jumps and 4 – 5 hours for weekend jumps. The first hour of your day is used for check-in, paperwork and training, so if your friends want to show up a bit later, that is okay. Once each class is checked in and trained, then we start assigning groups to aircraft loads. Classes have 1 – 20 people and are comprised of various groups and individual students, so there will likely be more than one airplane flight and not everyone will be on the first load. Jumping usually begins between 1 and 4 hours after your scheduled check-in time.

Special note, the times listed above are only estimates, things can go faster or slower, due to weather, equipment or instructor availability, aircraft or special requests. Please let all spectator friends know that it can be a long wait for non-jumpers, particularly on busy weekend days or when weather is an issue. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Can my non-jumping friends ride along in the plane to watch?

Since it is a skydiving aircraft, with a large, open door, only the people who are skydiving are allowed onboard.

I would like to keep a record of my jumps. How can I do that?

We have student and experienced jumper logbooks that can be purchased at the manifest counter. Student logbooks are available for purchase and you can ask your instructor to fill in the details and sign it for you.

Do you have goggles that I can buy and keep?

Yes, there are goggles that can be purchased at the manifest counter that you can wear on your skydive and take home with you. Prices vary depending upon the style.

Is it ok to have an alcoholic drink before skydiving?

No. Additionally, please let everyone in your party know that alcohol is not allowed on the airport during skydiving operations.